Shopping in Hérépian

Charcuterie Traiture HerepianHypermarket on outskirst of Hérépian

Hérépian is a small town of barely 1500 people. However, it has its full quota of specialist shops, a few restaurants and, on the approach to the town from the Bédariaux direction, a large Intermarché hypermarket.

Just a few minutes’ walk from the Couvent you will find all of the following:

Boulangerie Patisserie in HérépianBoulangerie/Patisserie: Two bakeries selling the usual baguettes, croissants, pastries and more. The first is just across the square from the Couvent in the rue Jean Moulin and a second, which adds ‘Artisanal’ to its name, is on the main road (Avenue Marcellin Albert) just round the corner. Try the ‘pains aux raisins’ here; the texture is moist with a custard layer between the rings and they are enormous!

Rabbit cooked with mustard at the Cabrié, Charcuterie Traiture in HérépianCharcuterie/Traiteur Cabrié: This shop (also on the main road) sells a variety of interesting prepared dishes which change frequently, as well as pork, bacon, hams, pâté and so on. If you fancy an easy meal of – for example – rabbit in a mustard cream sauce or guinea fowl wrapped in salami or the lamb tagine seen in the photo, just pop round the corner to Cabrié’s .

Fruits et LégumesFruits et Légumes – a Greengrocer

Proxi – A small supermarket.

The Post Office is just off the central square – Place Etienne Pascal – in the rue Joseph Boussy.

Other shops include a pharmacy, a jeweller, a florist, and Brocante - sale of Antiquesan antique shop. There’s also a small library.


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