Olargues – one of France’s Prettiest Villages

Classed as one of the ‘plus beaux villages de France’ Olargues is stunningly picturesque and well worth exploring. As you drive towards it from Hérépian* on the D908, the dominant bell tower appears high up to your right with the village of Olargues clinging to the rocky hillside below. In the valley the the 3-arched 12 century bridge (‘Le Pont du Diable’) straddles the river Jaur.

Approach the village via the ‘Pont du Diable’ or devil’s bridge – so called because it was apparently the site of transactions between the devil and the villagers. From here enter Olargues through a medieval stone arched gateway. Once inside the village you will find much to admire: paved streets including the particularly pretty Ruelle d’Olargues, the Escalier de la Commanderie – a lovely old stone staircase, medieval houses – some with original windows and fireplaces and old shop fronts made of marble. There are various remnants of past fortifications including parts of Olargues’ original ramparts. The17th Century Church of Saint-Laurent was built using stone from the ramparts. The bell tower at the top of the hill is a remnant of an 11th century medieval castle, converted in the 15th century. Views from the bell tower over the Languedoc are spectacular.

Learn more about Olargues by visiting the museum of art and popular traditions in the centre of the village.

There is a market every Sunday.

* Olargues is situated 20km away from Hérépian


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